2021 Season Update

Good Afternoon Parents & Junior Golfers!

The Essex Kent Junior Golf Hughes Tour committee has been hard at work planning out the 2021 golf season. We want to inform you that we are in the planning stages to kick start a new season after postponing the tour last year due to COVID-19. While we are definitely not in the clear as of yet, we are very positive that with the right protocols in place that we can begin to safely resume the game we have grown to love.

We will continue to update the website to keep you aware of the ever evolving changes that will be necessary to ensure we operate a safe and responsible junior golfer tour. As with any child program, the challenges that we are going to face require the attention of not only us as organizer, but you as parents and supporters to ensure the safety of everyone on tour. We genreally organize the tour with a small volunteer staff made up of local PGA of Canada professionals, who, in the face of the pandemic, are required to oversee and manage teir own courses and be more involved than ever before on a daily basis. As a committee we ask that you volunteer your time to help us ensure that each of the events runs smoothly and on time. If you have the time and are willing to assist the tour in any way, please indicate on the registration form so we can develop a plan to ensure we have enough volunteers to assist at each of the events.

We would need the following volunteers for each event;

Registration – Hand out scorecards and lunch tickets, approx 3-3.5 hours
Starter – Call groups to the tee and adhere to schedule tee times. Inform groups of any local rules that apply for the day and remind each group to keep up to the group in front.
On Course Rules Officials – 2 per event – Provide knowledgeable rules advice as they arise and ensure groups are keeping up with pace of play and provide assistance to those who may fall behind.
Scorekeepers – While each of the hosting facilities do gather member volunteers to assist in ensure honest scorekeeping is being completed by the juniors, there are times that we do need parent volunteers to assist with scorekeeping. In requesting this, we do ask that scorekeepers do not score for their child or group. Scorekeepers are not rules officials, you can assist in certain situations if confortable, but always seek a ruling from the on course rules officials or the committee following your round.
Results – If you are computer savvy and wish to enter the scores following the event, please let us know and we can show you the way.

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